Linda’s experience at the “Waste Hero” youth exchange in Slovakia

We sent Linda to Slovakia for the Erasmus+ youth exchange ‘Waste Hero’ in August 2022.

This is her testimony!

Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself: my name is Linda, I am 21 and I come from Italy. I will use this small space to tell you a bit about my experience during the exchange I took part in in Kosice, Slovakia!

“Waste Hero’ was the name of the environmental project which involved 43 young people from Slovakia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Italy, Spain and Greece. For ten days we were engaged in many activities, lectures and discussions on the topic of sustainability and environmental issues. We also strengthened our team-building skills by working closely with each other and spending whole days together on a beautiful estate surrounded by greenery in the mountains of Kosice. We had the opportunity during the exchange to visit a Slovakian NGO run by a couple leading a sustainable lifestyle in an eco-house.

This experience was very stimulating from several points of view: we are working together to be able to carry out some projects including organising an event in Milan with the Associazione Para Todos to promote second-hand and re-use objects. Once back home, I told them about my experience and the different projects that the European Union offers to young people, about which my peers didn’t know much.

I would indeed advise everyone to find out about the different opportunities that the European Union offers and get involved and participate, you won’t regret it!


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