Hello everybody!

My name is Clara Mertz and I’m the new ESC volunteer in Comunità di Etica Vivente! I’m 22 years old and I come from Nancy, in the Northeast of France. I arrived one month ago, and I’ll be here for five months at the Maestro Orto permaculture project.

After four years of studying communication, with a specialisation in sustainable development, I wanted to leave the university for a more authentic life.

For several years, I have understood the scope of current environmental issues, developing a sensitivity to ecology, self-sufficiency, and communitarian life. In short, a set of values to which permaculture responds well. 

I really appreciate Italy, its language, its culture, and that’s why I chose to take part in the interview for volunteering in permaculture promoted by the Comunità di Etica Vivente, and I was really joyfull to hear that I was selected!

I am happy to be able to help bringing this project to life so that it can gradually satisfy the Community’s food self-sufficiency, an idea with which I broadly agree.

I’ve already acquired a lot of knowledge thanks to the daily support of Carlo, but also Araceli and the whole team of the Maestro Orto project that always takes the time to give me explanations, some practical, others more theoretical, in a simple and clear way.

I hope that this long experience will allow me to move towards a greater autonomy and to enrich myself personally to give my life its full meaning.

With the pleasure of (re)seeing you all,


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