We also join the #DistantiMaUniti campaign launched by Minister Vincenzo Spadafora.

In the last few days we have received a lot of messages and emails about Kora’s European projects, and we want to communicate our decisions of responsibility to support what was expressed in the last government decree. These are the decisions taken by Kora’s board of directors:

  • The projects of Youth Exchange in Hospitality are postponed to a date to be allocated
  • Participation in Youth Exchanges abroad is currently on standby, and will be evaluated project by project
  • The arrivals in Italy of volunteers for ESC volunteering projects are postponed to a date to be allocated, which will be evaluated after April 3rd
  • The departure abroad of volunteers for ESC volunteer projects is pending until April 3rd.

As it is easy to imagine, our work in the field of non-formal education through international mobility is particularly affected by the current situation, but we have no intention of stopping at the half-empty glass. In fact, the staff and volunteers of Kora, after having evaluated the situation and by mutual agreement, are together at the farm in Passignano sul Trasimeno to face isolation that will be exploited to return to some fundamental values that do not depend on mobility, such as reconnection with a lifestyle in harmony with the natural environment. For this reason, with responsibility with respect to the current situation, we are already thinking about the future, preparing the farm to be even more a welcoming place of learning and personal growth. Living through a difficult period does not mean losing motivation; on the contrary, for us at Kora this is precisely the time to bind ourselves even more strongly to our values, placing the emphasis on solidarity and cooperation. This is our glass half full, an isolation that doesn’t mean passivity towards the situation, but a stimulus to learn new things, reorganize what we usually don’t have time to do and collaborate (at a distance!) for new solidarity projects.

We, therefore, join in the words of Carlo Petrini, president of Slow Food, when he says: “We are preparing to live through a complex and in many ways still indecipherable period, in which the categories with which we are used to reading our social and economic reality will be undermined and must necessarily be reconsidered. Yet we must not fall into panic or irrational fear; on the contrary, we can work right now to react quickly, to find creative ways to respond to the crisis, to try to look to the future with reasonable and well-placed hope”. (full article here:

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