The experience of Giulio at the “Disconnect to reconnect” youth exchange in Germany

We sent Giulio to Germany for the Erasmus+ youth exchange ‘Disconnect to reconnect 2’ in August 2022.

This is his testimony!

A few words about DOPE’s “Disconnect to Reconnect 2” in Germany.

I did not think I would do any more projects after turning 31, but I was glad to take part as the Italian team leader.

The group of participants got along very well and all activities were on the backdrop of beautiful German mountains. The facilitators did an amazing job in creating a safe environment where everyone could feel comfortable while expressing our feelings or taking a step back. They also had a great chemistry that made even the most stressful times run their course smoothly.

Having some experience traveling and with other projects, I particularly appreciated their attention and care for everyone’s mental well-being. The activities were packed, but well organized and we still had plenty of free time to spend among the group, resting or exploring. Overall, it felt like a safe bubble where people were free to connect in ways and with activities that are difficult to come by in any other context.

Projects like this are inspiring and more people should be made aware of them and encouraged to take part. I wish all of DOPE the best and hope their passion will stay alive for a long time.


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