The experience of Roberta and Angelica at the “Waste Hero” youth exchange in Slovakia

We sent Roberta and Angelica to Slovakia for the Erasmus+ youth exchange ‘Waste Hero’ in August 2022.

This is their testimony!

Hello everyone, we are Roberta and Angelica from Italy and we just came back from our first Erasmus+ project in Kosice, Slovakia. Surely, now, we don’t feel the same as before the project. The project was called “Waste Hero” and it was an amazing experience that had the power to completely change our life!

Our point of view on the world got broader and personally we got so much from places, sounds, souls, cultures. Meeting people from all around Europe helped us meet new ways of living life and new points of view on environmental issues. We can say that we have now brothers and sisters from six different countries with the same mission of saving our planet.

The topic of the project was the reduction of waste to cope with the climate emergency. In the first days we did activities such as teambuilding and get to know each other, those activities helped to build a very close group, we bonded quickly and strongly.

Then we had interactive presentations on the topic, did activities and workshops on sustainability. A very interesting moment was the visit to the Ekocentrum SOSNA, a house with zero emissions.

We learnt that to improve the worldwide situation, we have the duty to have an eco-sustainable lifestyle and to teach other people how to lower their impact on the environment.

Follow up activities:

Once back home we decided to organise a workshop. We invited our friends over and asked them to bring old t-shirts. Thanks to the learnings of the project and our renewed motivation in raising awareness on environmental issues, we used the old t-shirts and repurpose them: now all our friends have very nice shopping bags, to reduce also the purchase of disposable bags in supermarkets,

Overall it was a great experience,

Angelica and Roberta

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