Are you looking for nature and farm life? You want to experience Italian cuisine and the gastronomy of other countries? Maybe you also want to push your limits in physical and mental sense? Hmm….Have you tried KORA?

My name is Orsolya Biro, I am a youth worker in formation, and I volunteered with Kora at the farm called La Buona Terra, in July-August of 2020, in the framework of the Hands for Nature project.

As I mentioned in my introductory text on Kora’s Facebook page, this project was calling me both from a personal and professional side. I needed a change – rather a stop – in my life to see things clearer; also, I wanted to experience how is it to be an international volunteer and to see how others lead a youth organization.

And what did I get in return to all my expectations? A welcome hug on a dark July night that I will never forget. A table surrounded by people of all kind, but all kind.

An On Arrival Training that made us all feel safe and informed in Kora’s hands. A platform for sharing my experiences and knowledge on interviewing people, and appreciation for what I am and what I do. An occasion to try my limits by being offered to facilitate a youth exchange of the project called World Exchange, so I felt trusted and responsible for something that was shaping other people’s lives.

I learnt so many things about the practicalities of farm-life that I can’t even enlist all of them, starting from how to build a wire fence from zero up to repairing water pump; to appreciate running water more and to understand what is the connection between our daily life and the Sustainable Development Goals.

I started to appreciate cool and silent early mornings, and the chatty and colourful sunsets that we watched together with my volunteer mates. I this two months service got a place where talking about my passion for facilitation and youthwork is meeting curious eyes filled with empathy, so I felt accepted and included. In addition, I met many talented young people that made me more committed in my work. I got very good lessons about myself, the weight of my actions in reaction is work, in personal interactions, and also about the dos and don’ts in the activity coordination of a volunteer.

Last, but not least, got lots of honest hugs and “See you next time!”s. 

So, if you feel like here’s the time, scroll to the blue bottom of this page and do what it invites you for: 

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