This plant has several common names: English lavender, French lavender, and true lavender. Lavandula officinalis belongs to a mint family and has a long history of use in aromatherapy to promote sleep and relaxation. It has a sweet fragrance with citrus notes which repel insects. The lavender essential oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to heal minor burns and bug bites. Lavender is cultivated in the Mediterranean regions and in countries with temperate climates.

The volunteers at La Buona Terra farm decided to try to make some perfumed wand out of lavender flowers, check it out!

The Lavender wands

Today our volunteers will show you how they made lavender wands from the collected lavender. They can be used as a natural moth and insect repellent, air freshener or for relaxation and a good night sleep, placed under your pillow. 

Here is how you can make lavender wands yourself at home:

  1. Collect 7-15 fresh lavender stems, with at least 20cm of stem below the flower. Ideally, you want young flowers that are still in the bud. Also you will need a ribbon.
  2. Tie some ribbon tightly around the stems at the base of the flowers. Leave at least a 25cm loose end.
  3. Bend the stems to form a cage around the buds. Try to space the bars of the cage evenly.
  4. Weave the end of the ribbon under and over the lavender stems. If bits of flower stick out between the stems and ribbon, poke them back into place. The lavender will shrink as it dries, so weaving tightly is important.
  5. Tie the end of the ribbon around the base.

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