Karin’s story as volunteer in Kora

Karin arrived from the Netherlands last autumn and spent a month and a half in La Buona Terra, Italy, taking part in a volunteering team for Associazione Kora in farm activities.

The project was funded by the European Commission through the European Solidarity Corps program and the Italian Agency for Youth.

This is her experience!

“I’m Karin, I’m 24 years old and from the Netherlands. After graduating last summer I decided to join the team at Kora because I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone, go abroad and experience a different way of life before starting to work.

Before coming to Kora I had never travelled outside of the Netherlands without family/friends, so I was quite nervous. But from the first moment at Kora I immediately felt at home, everyone was super nice, interested and open. I loved the structure that the days had, working outside on the farm and being with people from all over Europe. I feel like at Kora I was able to develop my social/communication skills, which are just as important as (or maybe even more important than) the knowledge I gained during my studies to make a change. It was a great opportunity to learn about other people and their cultures, farm life and sustainability, but also myself. I am happy to take all this knowledge back home with me.

For everyone doubting to take part in a project during which they will live in a community I really recommend it because it is really valuable to learn how to live together by taking responsibility but also relying on others to do the same. And ofcourse also it is a lot fun!

I am really glad for this opportunity and I hope others will take it as well!”

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