The experience of Diego, who attended “Enviro Wise” youth exchange in Poland.

Diego went to Poland, in July 2022 to participate in the Erasmus+ youth exchange “Enviro Wise”. 

This is his story!

I participated in the project Enviro Wise in Poland and the project helped me to be more sensitive to environmental issues. 

When I came back in Italy, I participated in an activity in Fiastra (Marche) organised by “2hands Macerata”. We went all together to the lake and we started to clean up all the trash that we found on our way.

For sure, after the project, I am more aware of problems regarding the environment, like pollution and plastic waste. Now, I have the feeling and the will to share what I learnt with others, especially to people who don’t understand how precious our planet is, and how important is to not throw trash away on the ground.

I also used social media to raise awareness about the issue: I shared a reel on my Instagram page and I shared pictures with my family and friends. 

I would like to attend more projects like this one, and keep doing activities like this one because I want to help living in a better world.


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