The experience of Beatrice, who attended “Enviro Wise” youth exchange in Poland.

Beatrice went to Poland, in July 2022 to participate in the Erasmus+ youth exchange “Enviro Wise”. 

This is her story!

Hi everyone! I’m Beatrice, a 22 year-old from Italy. I wanted to share with you the experience I made this summer 2022. I participated in a youth exchange program in the city of Tarnow, Poland. The youth exchange was named “Enviowise” and as the title suggests it was all about environment. Me and other young people from all over Europe (specifically Cyprus, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Lithuanian) gathered in the south of Poland to try to talk about environment issues and how we could tackle them in everyday life. We had everyday activities such as group tasks (making reels, videos, photos about the topic), national tasks (divide into teams by nationality and reflecting about the overall national situation and how we could change what needed to be changes). One day we went to see a waste management company where the director explained to us how they worked and how they recycle the materials (paper, plastic, organic waste etc.).

Once I arrived home I talked about the project with my family and with my friends. With my friends we decided to avoid single use objects such as plastic forks and plates when we have a meet up to eat something in somebody else’s house. We agreed that everyone bring from home their plate and all they need in order not to generate useless waste. 

I also participated in a garbage pick-up activity in my local town organized by this local association which gathers young people between 14 to 19 years old and make the volunteer for 2 weeks to pick up trash everyday in the mornings. I was the tutor who was responsible for one of the groups and had to solve the problems they might have and of course help them with the tasks. It felt good to help my community in something that benefit everyone. 

I recommend everyone to check out these kind of European youth projects and participate if you have the opportunity and try to do your best to improve the quality of our planet. 


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