Cecilia came from Spain to join our “European Solidarity Voices” project in Norcia, Italy, in July-August 2021. She interviewed local people and documented the situation in town after the 2016 earthquake, organised activities with children, took care of the project online communication, helped in the logistics of events such as concerts and theatre shows, and brought her solidarity to the local community.

The project is funded by the European Commission through the European Solidarity Corps programme and the Italian Agency for Youth.

This is her story!

Dear you, 

My name is Cecilia and I’m from a place called Oviedo in the northwest of Spain. I’ve heard about the European Solidarity Corps for a long time, but I never really found the moment to apply for it because I was always waiting for jobs or for exams. This year I met three guys who were volunteering here in my hometown. As time went by, the feeling of becoming a volunteer and becoming part of this European opportunity started to be more urgent. It is part of me to help the world. I guess this gives me a sense of aim in this life. What I’m pretty sure after being able to experience this incredible opportunity is that I’m extremely aware of how lucky I am to have the privilege of  being a European and know that the European Union is there for me, to help with my personal and professional development.

If I had  to remark something from the experience of living in a container with other 10 people, it is the fact that you get to know incredible people from all around who maybe think similar or different to you, but you get to learn everyday. Even if it is just at lunch time, seeing what they eat, or how they comment on things or what is their vision of the same day that you’ve just had. I can not stop thanking my mentor who believe in us, and even though the communication part of the project, which was the one I was developing, it was hard at some points but tremendously fulfilling, as I had the chance of actually knowing what was going on in Norcia, how was life before and after the earthquake, what was in general the feelings and the thoughts of the people who were still living there, (something that I can not share in this lines, you would have to experience it by yourself!).

To conclude I would like to say: if not now…when? Try to find the moment and do it. You will never regret it. Trust me on that.

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