Last September, Julia and Giulio flew to Burgos, Spain, to take part in the Partnership Building Activity “Our Heritage, Our Future”, an opportunity to network with other European NGOs that work with youth projects, international mobility and cultural heritage.

The project was funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus programme.

This is what they did!

Hello everyone! I’m Julia and I participated in the PBA in Burgos organised by the amazing Brùjula!
It was an intense week spent getting more and more specific into the topic of the project: discovering the similarities and differences between the various European voluntary organisations and learning from each other, to create together new wonderful future projects for young people!
It was the first time for me in a PBA and it was particularly fun, impressing and inspiring to understand how easy it can be when there are people who come from different realities to cooperate for the drafting of the projects: a real creative process!
Meeting this reality years ago changed me deeply, I participated in different projects and traveled thanks to them, I had the opportunity to change and open my mind: and it’s amazing to see how many people work to make it possible and accessible more and more.

It was also important for me to see the activities carried out by other organisations: like Argonaftes working with refugees in Cyprus, or Brujula trying to give opportunities to young people from local small town communities in Spain.
I took home the passion that each of the participants has for their work.
Was a pleasure to meet you all!
¡Nos vemos pronto!

Hi, I’m Giulio. My personal experience with international mobility projects is that I basically grew up in this environment, as I’ve been in a theatre organisation that used to organise volunteering projects every year and a youth exchange every summer; this since I was 7!

I loved growing up with young people from different countries, cultures, perspectives on life, and what I’m doing now, with Associazione Kora and our international partners, is to keep on offering these opportunities to other young people, in order to build a more and more open minded world, capable to create union in diversity, just like the European Union motto says.

In Burgos it was great to finally meet in person partners that we’ve been exchanging mails for several projects, and get to know new people from organisations we didn’t know. Brùjula, the organisation that coordinated the project, managed to create a very smooth and friendly atmosphere among all participants, while at the same time keeping the non formal education sessions very productive.

Some of the most interesting things were listening to how other organisation in Europe face the same challenges that we address: social equality, environmental issues, and of course, cultural heritage. Loreto, one of the participants from Brùjula, showed us a board game that her father, a teacher, created with other schools teachers in order to teach students about the Middle Age, the cathedral of Burgos and the Camino de Santiago. All in a much more interactive, dynamic and fun way compared to traditional school lessons!

A big part of the week was also dedicated to brainstorm new projects that we can realise in the close future, and we came up with so many ideas! I strongly invite you to follow us and discover what projects we’ll bring you next year, for the moment…. no spoilers 😉

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