Irene came all the way from Spain to volunteer for our partners of Legambiente Lecco from October 2020 to March 2021, helping them to manage an eco-friendly hostel, upcycle and decorate it, and organise activities to spread awareness on environmental topics.

This is her story!

“Thanks to this project, i have been able to discover a huge amount of new things, not only about sustainability o tourism in general, but also about myself. During these 6 months I have been able to get to know myself much better, develope as a person and as a future professional. I have met a bunch of amazing people, coming from so many different places around the world, from whom I have learnt so much, and with whom I have spent so many incredible moments. I feel so lucky to have been able to live in my favourite country, experience its culture from the inside, and get to know (and even be able to speak and understand) its language, its gastronomy, traditions, art and people.
During my stay in Italy I have learnt a lot about the importance of sustainability in our lives, on an environmental, social and economical level. Furthermore, I have discovered also how essential it is to get involved with the local community and territory, and appreciate and valorize it correctly, as well as keeping them in mind everytime we do something, as individuals, businesses or associations.
To sum up, these 6 months (which have certainly feel shorter), have implied a great change in my life, a discovery of new projects in which I would like to get myself involved and the beginning of the path that I want to take in order to achieve new goals in my life”.

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